Serger sewing projects

One issue that might be confusing is what thread to use for a home serger. Optional light, which is great for shooting tutorials. Built in roll hemmer, making it easy to create a fine, narrow edge. More friction means the thread will be sewn in tighter.

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Seriously, a basic skirt is something you must try if you have a little girl in your life. Similarly to the high upper looper example, the lower looper thread fuschia is pulling down on the upper looper thread blue. Ready to start serging?. Can be used to seam sheer fabric.

Before I purchased my first serger, I sewed everything with a regular sewing machine that had straight and zig-zag stitches and would make decent buttonholes if I fiddled with it just right.

Selecting a serger stitch When you do opt for a serged seam or edge finish, choose the stitch that matches the needs of your garment. Posted on April 15, by Jill Yes, you need a serger. When I bought my serger over 10 years ago I absolutely fell in love with it and really wonder how I ever did without it.

Free Sewing Projects

Unsubscribe at any time. Do you have any tips you would like to share. One only has to put in effort to clean the feed dogs and race hook after every use in order to keep the serger in good condition. Actually, with the serger, I think I finished this skirt in 15 minutes.

Set the length and width settings at the longest and widest stitch options. Repeat for lining fabric. I have a board on pinterest for sergers if you want a few tips.

Once our basement is finished, I will have my own sewing space though.

1) Brother 1034D 3-4 Thread

Seams on lightweight fabric, or edge-finish nice with decorative thread in looper. Makes nice edge in any width with deocrative thread in one or both loopers. Just like the right needle, when the left needle thread purple is too tight it will pucker and pull the lower looper thread fuschia through to the front of the stitch.

In all these cases, the serger is the way to go for seaming and edge-finishing. Find all the directions and how-tos here. Tension adjusted so fabric can be pulled apart after seaming. A common complaint is threading the machine. Use rayon thread for decorative edges for a subtle sheen.

The compact size of the serger limits its scope in terms of power and functions, hence it is not suited for industrial use. Needle thread lies across bottom of fabric and looper thread across top; threads intersect at edge.

Demonstrated on Sew it All TV episode create this beautiful serged crochet lace doily. Summary Singer 14TDC professional serger is the ideal machine for handling any type of serging and sewing. I read the manual, removed the sample thread, re-threaded it, and was serging in 30 minutes!.

Metallic thread would look beautiful with a rolled hem on skirts and table wear. Even difficult fabrics will serge quickly and effortlessly, leaving professionally looking seams.

Seaming on woven fabrics. However, it is quite a high performing serger with zero hassles. Two needle threads interact with a single lower-looper thread acting as a chain looper. Also notice how its tightness is also pulling up the left needle thread purple.

Insert the decorative thread through the lasso of the all-purpose thread as pictured below. The high quality stitch formation and design makes it a worthwhile investment.

Tips on using the right serger thread.

Stitch width and length controls are on the side of the machine; threading is done with color coded markings. Lend beautiful finished edges to your sewing projects with this serger sewing machine.

Visit JOANN for Brother thread sergers and other sewing machines. Baby Lock sergers: state-of-the-art overlockers and coverstitch machines, 14 patented features Find this Pin and more on Classes/Events by Arlington Sewing Machine. The Babylock Serger Event is next Friday and Saturday.

Brother 1034D Serger Sewing Machine Review

Projects Designed exclusively for you from the Brother Education Department Projects > Serger Baby Blanket with Ruffle by Rebecca Kemp Brent Quick and easy are serger bywords, and this blanket is. Bear in mind, however, that although it was wonderful in this case, sewing with a serger would not work for precision piecing, because you aren’t able to ensure that consistent 1/4″ seam.

But for a project like this one, it certainly works. Check out the many free sewing projects for sewing machines and sergers. The Brother D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger is a an outstanding serger sewing machine for the price. The Brother D is perfect for finishing edges on your garments and accessories.

Getting Crafty Again! Sewing a Machine Cover for my Serger / Overlocker…

Formal wear, action wear made from stretch fabrics, swim suit and exercise wear, all can be sewn completely on a serger sewing machine.

Serger sewing projects
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Brother D Serger Sewing Machine Review | Sewing and Pattern